PBJ is now doing Business Interiors? What? Tell me more.

“It All Started With a Chair The Average Person Could Afford”

One of my favourite things about being a Sales Rep for PBJ Cleaning Depot is hearing the gratitude from our customers about how we are a “one stop shop” for their business’s needs, whether it be your office supplies and business printing, to cleaning products and tools to match, the list goes on! But, did you know PBJ Cleaning Depot can assist you from the moment you get your first office space, thanks to Global Furniture!

At the age of 17, Saul Feldberg immigrated to Canada and needed to find work to survive. Saul started working at a small manufacturing plant aimed at restaurant and beauty salon furniture, that eventually turned into office furniture. He learned the manufacturing process, how to make something from start to finish. His dedication and impressive work quickly landed him the job of Plant Manager by the age of 21. In 1966 the plant was looking at being bought out, not wanting to have to start all over for people he did not know, Saul took matters into his own hands. He had thought, office furniture is too expensive for the average person to afford, I am young and energetic I’ll start my own office-furniture company, along with his new business partner Bill Kemeny. Bill immigrated to Canada in 1957 after the Hungarian Revolution as an expert upholsterer. He opened the plant every morning for 40 years, never once being late. Even at the experienced age of some 90 plus years, Bill is still a contributing member to the Global family getting to the office before 8am on a daily basis. To read more on Saul and Bill’s start up, to world-wide success, follow the link below.


Global Furniture has come a long way since 1966, starting with an office chair to now designing and manufacturing pieces for the workplace, education and healthcare facilities. They now sell in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, but their main headquarters has always stayed in the Toronto area in Downsview Park. 

The team at Global has overcome a lot of changes since the mid 1960’s. Changes in fashion, technology, design, and economy, yet still manages to stay on top, and stay loyal to their original slogan “build a product that the average person can afford”, and that is exactly what they do.

After my first trip to Global Furnitures showroom in Downsview Park, I left in awe. I was amazed at the beautiful and intricate designs, layouts, styles, but most impressively, their dedication to stay green and environmentally friendly. Before recycling was mandatory and before other companies decided to watch their carbon footprint, Global Furniture was ahead of the game. Back in 1993 they were taking recycled plastics, mixing it with post-production wood scraps to create a composite material used as injection mold from items like panel frames to chair components. With initiatives like this, Global Furniture is able to save over 2000 tons of waste being sent to landfills. This is just one example of a long list of their dedications to the environment. A list of all their commitments can be found on the following link.


Among other things, it floored me how creative and inclusive designs were to incorporate the needs of all, especially in the HealthCare section. For instance, the Tablet Table is a table for dining situations, or recreational use for those in wheelchairs so they can comfortably enjoy the company of others. The tablet provides a surface that extends over the lap of the user so they can easily enjoy a meal with companions, play cards or partake in activities.  

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 8.49.50 AM.png

Other pieces like waiting room chairs that have removable seating for easy cleaning in case of accidents or spills. Lounging chairs that assist the user when exiting the chair for patients who want to feel more independent. The Dreme is a bench that seats several people, that also turns into a comfortable sleeping surface. I was very impressed knowing that the thoughts and ideas behind these initiatives were created and inspired with loved ones in mind.

The education sector has so much to offer, from the classroom to the staff room, assembly halls, cafeteria, to common room areas, Global Furniture has you covered. They have an array of stackable chairs and foldable tables/desks that vary in size, colour and design to utilize storage space and easy accessibility. Update your common area with pieces from the River collection, one of my personal favourites. It is called River because you can keep adding more from the collection and it all flows together. With USB ports and electrical outlets built in, students and staff are able to interact and work in a comfortable work environment. With the option of three different heights for the seat back, whether the user is an introvert or extrovert, they can feel comfortable in their environment in an open space.

The workplace section may be my favourite, probably because there are so many options, layouts, colours and designs, the potential is endless! Global has taken the lead into ergonomics to suit your needs for your work place. Their range of chairs, desks, storage and accessories makes sure there is something for everyone in every position. Global Furniture makes sure to give your product a personal touch and helps create a positive environment, with add-ons like electrical and USB ports, modesty panels, dividing panels, electric height adjusting desks, standing desks or heavy duty seating, Global Furniture has you covered.

Now one of the best parts about Global Furniture and all 3 of their sections (Healthcare, Education, and Workplace) is how you can create a one of a kind piece. Global Furniture offers a variety of textiles, specs and features to make one of their pieces specific to your liking down to the last detail.

If you’re looking to redo a whole office, or are moving into a new space, a design team will sit down with you to create your new space start to finish. 

— Kaitlyn Kilgour, Sales Representative, PBJ Cleaning Depot


We all have them and need to keep them clean!

PBJ Cleaning Depot has the best of the best products at low pricing and available LOCALLY with FREE delivery!

Our FAV window cleaning product is Azure, a window and glass cleaner available in ready to use or a 4L concentrated jug. Email us to have yours delivered today! sales@cleaning-depot.ca !

Maybe you have a commercial business that needs regular help with window cleaning? Let us come and do it FOR you! To get a quote please email us.

In the meantime…

Check out this awesome article with GREAT window cleaning tips! https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning/tips/a32040/mistakes-cleaning-windows/

Take your Business NEXT LEVEL!

Did you know that PBJ Cleaning Depot offers Business Printing? We will help you find exactly what you need in order to bring your business branding to the next level. Here are a few ideas our in house expert, Danielle Howard, put together to get the wheels turning! When we invest in communicating who we are as businesses through customized printing and branding, we are making better connections with clients. From posters and sell sheets to brochures, our team can help take your business to the next level. 

  1. Customized cheques and envelopes help you get noticed with every transaction.

  2. Make your business forms work as hard as you do.  With custom invoices, purchase/sales order sheets, and gift certificates (just to name a few) is an opportunity to make powerful, visual brand statement about your business.

  3. Colour gets you noticed and helps you grow.  It's more important than ever to stand out.  One of the best ways to get noticed to promote your business is to print in colour.  We offer a variety of economical, engaging and effective full-colour solutions.

  4. Everything your business needs to thrive:  business cards, custom packaging, stamps, flyers, brochures, post cards, catalogues, memo pads, letterheads, door hangers, sell sheets, door hangers, banners and so much more.

  5. Trade show swag and banners.  Help your customers remember you with custom pens, water bottles, mugs, totes, sunglasses and 1000 + other options.

    Maybe you’re looking to take your day to day business personality to the next level with personalizing your printing with logo and tag line, or perhaps you’re looking to prepare for a trade show, summer festival, event, grand opening, product launch or maybe you’re about to run a great in-store promotion. Whatever the occasion, give PBJ a chance to provide better customer service and expertise than the leading box stores. Trust us, trust local. 

— Danielle

Easy Moving with PBJ Cleaning Depot and U-Haul

It’s that time of year— you’re either moving, moving your kids, or spring cleaning and organizing. In all these scenarios boxes and bubble wrap are necessities and you might even need a U-Haul! That’s why we asked our moving expert Katie Weed, to give us a few tips when moving. Over to Katie:

Easy Moving with PBJ Cleaning Depot and U-Haul by Katie Weed Project Manager PBJ Cleaning Depot

blog 1.png

An interesting fact about me: I once moved 4 times in a calendar year. One year! I’m a self-appointed moving expert with over 10 moves to my credit. I’ve put together a list 4 ways that PBJ Cleaning Depot and U-Haul can make your move easier whether you are a student moving off campus or newlyweds buying a new home.

1.  Start packing early.

I recommend buying garbage bags, boxes, packing tape and markers before you start. Throw out broken items, sort items for donation. Make sure to label the boxes in case you need to find something that you’ve packed.

2.  Wardrobe boxes.

What’s the easiest way to move everything hanging in your closet? Wardrobe boxes. Ask for details! This is a must have, especially for all you clothing lovers! Eliminate at least half of the work.

3.  Book with PBJ Cleaning Depot & U-Haul Rentals

Book a U-Haul trailer or truck before the big move! You can call us, book online, or check out the 24/7 TruckShare app to manage your U-Haul reservation without speaking with a representative. We guarantee to exceed your expectations.

4.  Clean Space

Give your new home a quick cleaning before you start unpacking! Washing windows, walls, baseboards, and floors are all easiest when the space is still empty. We can deliver a cleaning package with all your cleaning needs, right to your door for free! Maybe you’d like to hire a professional cleaner? We can arrange that too.

PBJ Shopping List

·         Garbage bags

·         packing tape

·         markers

·         moving boxes- small, medium and large

·         Wardrobe boxes

·         Broom

·         Glass Cleaner

·         multipurpose cleaners

blog 3.png

We do everything you DON'T want to do.

PBJ Cleaning Depot is a business partner you will love. Why? We do everything you don’t want to do, o that you can do the things that you love to do. We help business’s stay in their lane of expertise by providing the “keep the lights on” services that most every business needs. Here are just 5 ways we can help provide you efficiencies. And remember, all services and products can be provided and delivered regularly, with no “delivery” fee’s!

1) Running a public bathroom

This isn’t a walk in the park! We can ensure to fit out your bathroom with the paper towel service it needs or air hand dryers, hand sanitizer, soap dispensers, toilet paper and toilet paper dispensers, as well as all the cleaning products needed to keep your bathroom in tiptop shape! We’ll even provide the garbage dispensers and garbage bags!

2) Printing & office supplies

You don’t want to have to think about if you have paper left, or envelopes, or making sure everything is branded consistently when it comes to return mail stickers, letterhead, business cards and cheques. Leave that to us, so that you can focus on being you. Oh and not to mention the need for pens, pencils, office chairs, office chair mats, staplers, sticky notes and the list never ends! Don’t worry about these details, keep your head above water and allow us to take care of the organization and replenishment of all your printing & office supply needs.

3) The candies, coffee, office refreshments

These are the little things that both clients and your employee’s notice when they walk into your place of business. Can they grab a water bottle? A candy? Is there coffee available? Do the coffee cups have proper paper insulation so they don’t burn their hand when they fill up? PBJ will take care of all of this for you!

4) Mats are a must!

Every business with public foot traffic should have mats for each season. Whether it’s a rubber matt for the rainy days as your customers come in with wet boots, that also prevent slipping, or if they’re fabric mats that dry footwear, remove first and debris—these will enhance the experience that customers and clients have at your place of business through the cleanliness they provide and the safety. Floor mat installation orders for the winter begin even now! Be sure to get on our floor matt list and we will provide the right type of mat for you, deliver it for free, and come clean then and return the as necessary.

5) Cleaning products + services

Where do you get those “wet floor” signs anyway. And how do I go about getting hand sanitizer stands? How about just cheap, quality cleaning products in general? These are all things that PBJ would love take care of for you. We can provide the products and tools on their own, or we can execute the services as well!

Get efficient today & email us at sales@cleaning-depot.ca !

Meet Paul, the man behind the business!

There’s always a visionary behind every great business. There’s also a work horse behind every successful business. Rarely it’s the same person, but for PBJ, it is. 


Paul Stewart. We pretty well forced him to start a blog to unleash all the learnings that he has had over the 16 years of running PBJ. But first, let’s get to know Paul. 


Q: How would your wife describe you in 3 words? (Always get the wife’s opinion first) 





Q: And how do you describe you in 3 words?





Q: Why did you start PBJ? 

With the help of my Uncle Don and the guidance of Listowel’s CEO at the time, Les Tervitt, we were told that our growing community could use a cleaning supply location for all the business’ in the area. Never in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought that we would be selling all the items that we are today.


Q: Why do you believe in the business so much?

I have seen this business grow from the very first mop head we sold to my friend Tom, and I still think he felt sorry for me, to a company that my family and employees can be proud to work for.


Q: What is the most rewarding part?

Hearing from our customers how much they appreciate our business and how happy they are with our service.


Q: The most challenging gong part?

Competing with the large box stores and an online retail presence. We have to remain customer focused at all times with our service and pricing.


Q: Greatest lesson? 

Always be yourself, be honest even if a mistake has been made.


Q: Where do you see PBJ in 5 years?

I would like to keep PBJ Cleaning Depot growing in communities around Listowel. I would like to have a second location in the next 5 years.


Q: If all your customers were reading right now what would you say to them? 

Thanks you for believing in PBJ Cleaning Depot, we would have never made it to 16 years without your support.


Q: How about potential customers? 

Please give PBJ Cleaning Depot a try. We offer your business or house a complete one stop shop, friendly customer service and pricing that will save you the drive to the city.


Q: Any closing comments?

None of this would never have happened without the support of my wife Bobbi Jo, our son Carter, our entire family and of course our Faith. Thanks to a wonderful supportive community, it has been a pleasure being in business in North Perth these last 16 years.

— Paul Stewart

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International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day around the world and we would be amiss to not recognize the amazing women who have been a part of building PBJ Cleaning Depot, with their time, energy, talent, ideas and leadership. I’d like to take a moment to recognize the following women.
First and foremost, my wife Bobbi Jo, with whom I can do nothing without. The biggest support and strength in my life.
Also, our fantastic, hard working staff:

Tiff Henry-- Operations Manager 
Torie Machan-- Office / Logistics Manager
Danielle Howard-- Business Solutions Manager
Katie Weed-- Project Manager 
Danielle Niesen-- Warehouse Manager
Kaitlyn Kilgour-- Inside Sales Contact
Taylor Danbrook-- Sales Representative 

And now, for the surprise of the century, you get to hear from Bobbi Jo herself on all things being a woman, building a business and doing it all with balance. Over to you Bobbi Jo!

Bobbi Jo:

So I was given some questions to answer, and I’m going to try and be as honest as possible. So first question was, (typical)
Describe yourself in a nutshell… 
Well, Paul says kind and compassionate LOL… So sweet. I’d say, I’m a person who’s willing to help, organize, and dig in when asked. I’m not your leader, but I’m a great follower—good worker, and I’ll give you all that I can. You may think it’s strange that I’d highlight being a follower on International Women’s Day, but I think that’s actually quite important. I see International Women’s Day as a day where we can celebrate being the best version of ourselves as Women, and being proud of that. We all have different strengths to bring to life and the lives of those around us—own that!
Next questions were some funny ones…
Favorite food? I love the taste of smoked meat on a Traeger. LOL. Or a treat from the Keg J (Paul are you reading this?)
Favorite hobby?
Gardening (I get all my tools from PBJ…wink wink)
Biggest pet peeve?
People who are late.....Id rather be 15 min early than 5 min late....it’s just how I was made!!
AND CAT HAIR!!!! (from our own cat)
Okay on to some more serious stuff—

It being international women’s day, can you tell us a bit about your experience building a business alongside your husband from the perspective of a woman? 
Well for us, family always came first… in a world where everything wants priority in your life, our first commitment was to our family, whether our son, our parents or extended family. It’s important to set your priorities and values in life, and stay accountable to them. If you don’t know what’s priority and you haven’t set that out clearly, it’s easy to get distracted in today’s society. Now don’t get me wrong, the business was always a priority too, but somethings are just more important.
Building a business isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The budget was tight and it wasn't always easy… Success in any area of life, takes hard work. Family and business alike. Paul did everything from 6am to 5pm so I made sure life at home was as balanced as possible. We always prioritized spending time together in the evening. We could always balance problems off each other and figure it out. It’s important to be flexible.
Do you have one funny memory or story from your years building PBJ?
The Part time youth at PBJ make the days fun for the staff...
Elf on a Shelf with 2 of our high school boys a few years ago was a riot.

Getting vans stuck in bits of snow… there’s been a lot of laughs.
But one of our first big happy times was when we put an ad out for our first driver…
Paul came home with a resume and we were both so happy to have this first driver join our team.
He came with business knowledge and a willingness to go where needed. He was a blessing. Hold on to these moments in whatever it is that you’re building.
How did being a woman add unique value to growing your business? 
My parents are from Howick Twp, growing up on a farm. Teaches you the importance of commitment and hard work. Work was very important, hard work, and chores had to be done. That's how the bills got paid. I value that as a woman and have brought those life lessons and values into my everyday life and business.
You’re also a mom and wife— how did you balance all things well? Any tips?

Being a Mom and a wife… it was good. Paul was always supportive and helpful. If I was running our son, he looked after things at home. If he was working late I did what needed to be done. Marriage is a beautiful thing—you’ve got a forever teammate.
And through it all, wearing so many hats— how do you stay true to you? Bobby Jo. 
That's what family does…. keeps you true to who you are. We have family as employees who are immensely important to us. This is our baby… our everything we have put into this....and you know your family is always behind you 100% 
Last words of advice to all the women out there? 
It will work out, if it’s meant to be.
Somethings come and go, and you gotta think it wasn't meant to be but the next door will open and the time will be right for us. Our family and faith, hard work and dedication is what has gotten us through, and it will help you get there too.

Bobbi Jo