We do everything you DON'T want to do.

PBJ Cleaning Depot is a business partner you will love. Why? We do everything you don’t want to do, o that you can do the things that you love to do. We help business’s stay in their lane of expertise by providing the “keep the lights on” services that most every business needs. Here are just 5 ways we can help provide you efficiencies. And remember, all services and products can be provided and delivered regularly, with no “delivery” fee’s!

1) Running a public bathroom

This isn’t a walk in the park! We can ensure to fit out your bathroom with the paper towel service it needs or air hand dryers, hand sanitizer, soap dispensers, toilet paper and toilet paper dispensers, as well as all the cleaning products needed to keep your bathroom in tiptop shape! We’ll even provide the garbage dispensers and garbage bags!

2) Printing & office supplies

You don’t want to have to think about if you have paper left, or envelopes, or making sure everything is branded consistently when it comes to return mail stickers, letterhead, business cards and cheques. Leave that to us, so that you can focus on being you. Oh and not to mention the need for pens, pencils, office chairs, office chair mats, staplers, sticky notes and the list never ends! Don’t worry about these details, keep your head above water and allow us to take care of the organization and replenishment of all your printing & office supply needs.

3) The candies, coffee, office refreshments

These are the little things that both clients and your employee’s notice when they walk into your place of business. Can they grab a water bottle? A candy? Is there coffee available? Do the coffee cups have proper paper insulation so they don’t burn their hand when they fill up? PBJ will take care of all of this for you!

4) Mats are a must!

Every business with public foot traffic should have mats for each season. Whether it’s a rubber matt for the rainy days as your customers come in with wet boots, that also prevent slipping, or if they’re fabric mats that dry footwear, remove first and debris—these will enhance the experience that customers and clients have at your place of business through the cleanliness they provide and the safety. Floor mat installation orders for the winter begin even now! Be sure to get on our floor matt list and we will provide the right type of mat for you, deliver it for free, and come clean then and return the as necessary.

5) Cleaning products + services

Where do you get those “wet floor” signs anyway. And how do I go about getting hand sanitizer stands? How about just cheap, quality cleaning products in general? These are all things that PBJ would love take care of for you. We can provide the products and tools on their own, or we can execute the services as well!

Get efficient today & email us at sales@cleaning-depot.ca !