Easy Moving with PBJ Cleaning Depot and U-Haul

It’s that time of year— you’re either moving, moving your kids, or spring cleaning and organizing. In all these scenarios boxes and bubble wrap are necessities and you might even need a U-Haul! That’s why we asked our moving expert Katie Weed, to give us a few tips when moving. Over to Katie:

Easy Moving with PBJ Cleaning Depot and U-Haul by Katie Weed Project Manager PBJ Cleaning Depot

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An interesting fact about me: I once moved 4 times in a calendar year. One year! I’m a self-appointed moving expert with over 10 moves to my credit. I’ve put together a list 4 ways that PBJ Cleaning Depot and U-Haul can make your move easier whether you are a student moving off campus or newlyweds buying a new home.

1.  Start packing early.

I recommend buying garbage bags, boxes, packing tape and markers before you start. Throw out broken items, sort items for donation. Make sure to label the boxes in case you need to find something that you’ve packed.

2.  Wardrobe boxes.

What’s the easiest way to move everything hanging in your closet? Wardrobe boxes. Ask for details! This is a must have, especially for all you clothing lovers! Eliminate at least half of the work.

3.  Book with PBJ Cleaning Depot & U-Haul Rentals

Book a U-Haul trailer or truck before the big move! You can call us, book online, or check out the 24/7 TruckShare app to manage your U-Haul reservation without speaking with a representative. We guarantee to exceed your expectations.

4.  Clean Space

Give your new home a quick cleaning before you start unpacking! Washing windows, walls, baseboards, and floors are all easiest when the space is still empty. We can deliver a cleaning package with all your cleaning needs, right to your door for free! Maybe you’d like to hire a professional cleaner? We can arrange that too.

PBJ Shopping List

·         Garbage bags

·         packing tape

·         markers

·         moving boxes- small, medium and large

·         Wardrobe boxes

·         Broom

·         Glass Cleaner

·         multipurpose cleaners

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