Meet Paul, the man behind the business!

There’s always a visionary behind every great business. There’s also a work horse behind every successful business. Rarely it’s the same person, but for PBJ, it is. 


Paul Stewart. We pretty well forced him to start a blog to unleash all the learnings that he has had over the 16 years of running PBJ. But first, let’s get to know Paul. 


Q: How would your wife describe you in 3 words? (Always get the wife’s opinion first) 





Q: And how do you describe you in 3 words?





Q: Why did you start PBJ? 

With the help of my Uncle Don and the guidance of Listowel’s CEO at the time, Les Tervitt, we were told that our growing community could use a cleaning supply location for all the business’ in the area. Never in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought that we would be selling all the items that we are today.


Q: Why do you believe in the business so much?

I have seen this business grow from the very first mop head we sold to my friend Tom, and I still think he felt sorry for me, to a company that my family and employees can be proud to work for.


Q: What is the most rewarding part?

Hearing from our customers how much they appreciate our business and how happy they are with our service.


Q: The most challenging gong part?

Competing with the large box stores and an online retail presence. We have to remain customer focused at all times with our service and pricing.


Q: Greatest lesson? 

Always be yourself, be honest even if a mistake has been made.


Q: Where do you see PBJ in 5 years?

I would like to keep PBJ Cleaning Depot growing in communities around Listowel. I would like to have a second location in the next 5 years.


Q: If all your customers were reading right now what would you say to them? 

Thanks you for believing in PBJ Cleaning Depot, we would have never made it to 16 years without your support.


Q: How about potential customers? 

Please give PBJ Cleaning Depot a try. We offer your business or house a complete one stop shop, friendly customer service and pricing that will save you the drive to the city.


Q: Any closing comments?

None of this would never have happened without the support of my wife Bobbi Jo, our son Carter, our entire family and of course our Faith. Thanks to a wonderful supportive community, it has been a pleasure being in business in North Perth these last 16 years.

— Paul Stewart

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